Monday, 22 March 2010

Photography Competition: Your Great Escape (RESULTS)

 The Finalist of "Your Great Escape" Photography Competition.

1) Mt.Sinai's sunrise- a captivating sign from the one and only Creator
Intan Nadia bt Zolkefli
Pre-Dental Dentistry

2) Looking back on those days,you know you can...............DREAM BIG
Intan Nadia bt Zolkefli
Pre-Dental Dentistry

3) We're here!!!
Noor Shazana bt Md. Nasir
Year 1 Pharmacy

4) Between heavens and earth
Nazeera bt Mohd Nasir
Year 2 Manchester

5) Camera's flashin', we're jumpin'. We just can't escape!
Anis Safiah bt Mohd Ezanee
Year 2 Conventional
6) Geng Basikal Di Dahab
Fatin Munawwarah Mohamad
Tahun 1 Conventional

7) I Love Rome
Nor Diyana Abdul Aziz
Year 2 Conventional

8) Reach the Mountain
Noor Shazana bt Md. Nasir
Year 1 Pharmacy

Congratulations to all the winners and Thank You to all contestant who had participated in "Your Great Escape Photography Competition". We Loves all the pictures and looking forward to organize next Photography Competition.

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