Thursday, 11 February 2010

Feeling the Vacation Mood?

First of all, we are truly sorry for the late updates, due to the recent midterm/ final semester exam. We hope you'd gone through the exams with your best effort and tawakkal, insyaAllah. :)

For this winter break, many of you would like to have stress-free vacation, yes? Here are some great tips we dug up for your memorable trips! Whether it's in around Egypt or going bagpacking to Europe, you can always take them in consideration when planning or during your getaway;

1. Rest up well - Get plenty of sleep and exercise well a few days before your official trip. They really help as they refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind to get ready for your vacation.

2.  Pack in extra hours at work and try to complete excessive to-do lists. You’re better off taking inventory of what can reasonably be done before then and what can wait, and use that extra time to rest up for your vacation.

3. Plan adequately - Consult user reviews. Destinations, accommodations and more have been reviewed and re-reviewed on the internet. These people are trying to reach you; lend them an ear to avoid booking calamitous accommodations.

4. Buy a travel guide -  The inside information they provide from operating hours to pointing out when and where the crowds will be, it can save you time and spare you from a needless headache.

5. Make firm backup plans - Anticipate that certain attractions and locales may fall through. It happens, and it doesn’t have to devastate your vacation. And if it’s too crowded for you, make sure you have some local backup plans. Keep them local backup plans so it reduces further travelling time and money.

6. Travel in light pack - You don't need those extra heavy weight. Just bring essential things like travelling toiletries, lightweight clothes (a jacket in winter season) etc. If you’re flying, the advantage of packing light is obvious: With airport crowding getting worse and worse, having only carry-on bags lets you scoot past the masses and gets your vacation going sooner.

7. Flexible and make reliable arrangements - Include a number where they can reach you (preferably a hotel number), and advise them that they should call only if there is an emergency. Otherwise, you’re going to assume that no news is good news.

8. The most important :-

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