Sunday, 3 January 2010

10 Effective Ways to Study

Here are 10 effective ways to study that you might want to check and try for yourself!

(1) Keep yourself organized. It does not only apply to the materials you have to study. An orderly study area can also help make your mind stay focused on what you are studying. It will also help you avoid distractions as you go along with your studying.

(2) Make an outline. Not being able to determine where to start studying can be a roadblock to studying. An important technique to be able to study effectively is to have a guide on what to study and where to begin.

(3) Use acronyms. One popular mnemonics used in studying is using acronyms. You can also use rhymes as well. We are all familiar with Roy G. Biv representing the seven colors of the rainbow and so many other mnemonics. Truly, these are simple but effective ways to study.

(4) Use acrostics. The use of acrostics has been popular and is indeed effective in helping you recall what you have studied - not only in short term but also for a longer time. In music, 'Every good boy does fine' is a popular acrostic of the notes in the treble clef.

(5) Sing it. One technique that you can apply in improving your memory especially with subjects that are not quite interesting to you is to add tune into it. Especially for long items and lists, adding a popular nursery-rhyme tune or a familiar tune might help you remember concepts easily.

(6) Get rid of distractions. Being able to focus is important in studying. If you are looking at your notes but your mind is wandering, that is not a good picture of effective studying. If you want to learn to enhance your concentration and focus, you may want to do breathing exercises, practice meditation or do visualization to improve your concentration and focus.

(7) Take a break. Forcing your mind to study in long straight hours may turn out bad for your studying. Take 10-minute break after an hour or so of studying. This will also allow the ideas and concepts to sink in to your mind.

(8) Write it down. Writing down is also one of the effective ways to study. If you are the 'visual type' who can easily grasp the concept if you can associate it with some drawings or diagrams, writing it down can be an effective strategy. Even writing down the words repeatedly can also help you in remembering them easily.

(9) Repeat it. Repetition is one of the effective ways to study because it enhances your memory and helps you learn concepts and things easily. You may want to repeat your lesson by saying it over and over. You can also try to recite the ideas to a friend or if you prefer studying alone, you can also say it to yourself as if you are teaching someone.

(10) Have a good night sleep. Indeed, do not deprive yourself of a good night sleep when you are studying - you may never have enough energy to recall what you have studied.

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